One-Time Registration

NOTICE: You are registering to become a Reacter, where you are rewarded for your time, attention, and truthful information and feedback. Once you’ve fully registered, you won’t have to register again for any game shows and competitions powered by REACT. If you’re already a registered Reacter (from programs such as Super Squares®), you do NOT need to re-register.


  • Only register once, ever – no duplicate accounts. Why risk winning by cheating?
  • Always be accurate and truthful.

Currently, you will not be able to edit your profile, so be sure:

  • Your birthdate is accurate
  • Your name is spelled correctly
  • Your email address is unique and accessible
  • Your Screen Name is clean, without using your last name

Lastly – Do you have a “Buddy” (existing Reacter) who told you about ReacTV?

  • If so, now is the only time to give them credit.
  • If you don’t have a Buddy, that’s OK – leave the “Who’s Your Buddy?” section blank.

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